Friday, 29 July 2011

Why Handmade?

Why do people buy handmade? There are so many reasons, really.

Why I buy Handmade: because it has so much more meaning than buying something mass-produced and because as a designer/maker myself, I value the skills, time, work, thought and energy which has gone into making something by hand.

ceramics from DaWanda
Image via DaWanda

I love the uniqueness of something which has been crafted with care by someone creative. The fact that every object (and for that matter, maker or designer) has a rich story behind it, something that gives pieces 'life,' as it were. I enjoy finding out what inspired the person who made a particular handmade piece.

Roly-poly scarves
Something else I delight in is going to local markets and independent shops to see beautiful things made by passionate people living in my own city (or further afield!) and forging a connection with them, their creative process and their creations.

This post was sparked off by the UK Handmade "Buy Handmade" Campaign in support of Designer Makers. I'd love to know: what are your reasons for buying handmade?

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