Monday, 5 September 2011

Happy Wool Week!

Did you know it's Wool Week this week?

Frankly, anything involving celebrating the wondrous qualities of wool is fine by me!

One of the highlights of Wool Week is an exhibition called "Wool Modern" featuring work by the likes of Alexander McQueen, Christian Lacroix, Sonia Rykiel and Julien Macdonald. It is part of the Campaign for Wool and will be held from 8th - 29th September at La Galleria in London. The aim of the show is to challenge people's perceptions of wool, a fibre which in my opinion really is somewhat underrated.

    Some things you might not know about wool:

  • it's antibacterial
  • when used as clothing or bedding, wool helps to regulate body temperature
  • it can absorb moisture and sound
  • it makes a good insulator
  • it's completely biodegradable and is a sustainable, natural product.
  • it is easy to dye (yay!)
  • it's also a relatively elastic fibre, meaning woolly things keep their shape better and for longer.

Love Wool UK is the crafty side of the Wool Week shenanigans - find out how you can get your craft on right here. (I intend to do a little bit of pub knitting myself this week!)

Wool Week 2011 runs from 5th-11th September in the UK.

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