Thursday, 30 October 2008

Hello World!

Well. Here I am - I finally gave in and got a new blog. Not that I haven't had a blog before, you understand, but this one will be different. On here I can actually have on the blog what I want *on the blog.* (It sounds silly, I know, but it makes me happy)

It might take me a little time to figure out this new-fangled blog, but that's half the fun of it, surely. In the meantime, for those that don't know, I'm Cat, and am sometimes known as 'WildCat' or WildCat Designs. As a Textile Designer, I make funky knitwear and accessories, mostly sold online through various different sites.

I also have a confession to make: I am a knitting addict. There is rarely a day goes by where I haven't knitted, or haven't done something related to a thing I may have knitted. But at least it's a productive obsession. :)

Crafting is one of those things I just really enjoy doing, it's the perfect creative outlet for me - and many others like me. Expect to hear a lot more on that subject!!