Friday, 30 January 2015

It's Fabric Friday!

I spotted a hashtag on Twitter that caught my attention a little while ago - #FabricFriday! It kind of hit me right between the eyes as a simple but effective idea.

I can't quite remember if it was a trending topic or if I just saw it because it popped up in my feed of "textiley twitterers" - in any case, I thought it would make a good theme for a (semi-) regular post on my blog.

If you read this post back in November, you might recall the mention of a quilt challenge... I was aiming to have something finished by the end of this month, but alas, it would seem that I was overly optimistic! I have made a little progress on my ideas and inspiration board for the quilt I'd like to make but hadn't quite anticipated how completely manic December and parts of January would be.

Image via Pinterest

I did a little bit of sewing, it's still in a slightly experimental stage, since I've been kind of making it up as I go - this is what happens when I get an idea in my head about how I'd like to use a certain piece of fabric...

So I suppose what I'm saying is that one of my new year's resolutions is to actually make a proper plan for my quilt, which will hopefully bring it one step closer to completion! (Wish me luck!!)

Image via Pinterest

What are your crafty new year's resolutions? Drop me a comment!