Hi! My name is Catriona McLaughlin and I'm a Designer
(of many things... textiles, websites & graphics).

I also have a confession to make: I am a knitting addict. There is rarely a day goes by where I haven't knitted, or haven't done something related to a thing I may have knitted. But at least it's a productive obsession. :)

Scotland's beautiful & historic capital city, Edinburgh, is my home - though recently I have been spending quite a bit of time in the Scottish Borders too. I create knitted and stitched textiles, mainly accessories such as scarves, shawls and gloves for my WildCat Designs label.

Crafting is one of those things I just really enjoy doing, it's the perfect creative outlet for me and I've always been excited about accessories - I own far too many! (Mind you, can a girl really ever have too many?!) So after studying textiles for my BA Hons degree, I started designing my own.

I use high quality Merino lambswool in beautiful colours to knit my scarves (on my vintage mechanical knitting machine - hand powered by yours truly) which are then felted to make them luxurious and wonderfully soft. I sometimes use other natural or man-made fibres in my designs to spice things up and love doing both hand and machine knitting.

Basically I enjoy doing anything which involves being creative! This blog is really a place where I like to share things which have caught my magpie eye, or tell you about my latest ideas and creations.

My inspirations come from things which fascinate me, such as vintage fabrics/prints, anything kitsch, pop culture, graphic prints, lace, cobwebs, ironwork, intricate patterns and interesting textures. You may even have seen some of my designs inspired by 80s computer graphics! Scribbling in my sketchbooks and making collages is fun; I love playing around with colour and pattern too.

Since starting the label, my work has sold to Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and the UK. I have also had WildCat Designs creations featured in several exhibitions at galleries within the UK.

WildCat Designs has continued to go from strength to strength and now incorporates WildKittens, a line of handmade accessories for babies & children. The WildKittens range has now also expanded to include my PDF knitting patterns.

I sell my handmade creations in various outlets, some of which are online:

Etsy and

If you'd like to get in touch, please visit my contact page.