Friday, 29 July 2011

Why Handmade?

Why do people buy handmade? There are so many reasons, really.

Why I buy Handmade: because it has so much more meaning than buying something mass-produced and because as a designer/maker myself, I value the skills, time, work, thought and energy which has gone into making something by hand.

ceramics from DaWanda
Image via DaWanda

I love the uniqueness of something which has been crafted with care by someone creative. The fact that every object (and for that matter, maker or designer) has a rich story behind it, something that gives pieces 'life,' as it were. I enjoy finding out what inspired the person who made a particular handmade piece.

Roly-poly scarves
Something else I delight in is going to local markets and independent shops to see beautiful things made by passionate people living in my own city (or further afield!) and forging a connection with them, their creative process and their creations.

This post was sparked off by the UK Handmade "Buy Handmade" Campaign in support of Designer Makers. I'd love to know: what are your reasons for buying handmade?

Friday, 8 July 2011

Magpie July

Magpie goodie bag
Coming very soon... another crafty extravaganza, brought to you by Magpie!

Magpie Market July Flyer
This will be the second Magpie Market held upstairs at The Hub on Castlehill, and if the last one was anything to go by, it'll be fab - featuring vintage clothing, handmade goodies and naturally there will be cake too!

Swirly Magpie Cupcake
I'll also be showing off my WildCat Designs & WildKittens wares, if you want to see 'em in person, this your opportunity! I plan to showcase a few new designs, so this is a rare chance for a little sneak peek :)

Crafting 365 Day 275

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Just for fun, because it's my birthday today, and I happen to adore Miffy...