Friday, 12 August 2011

Classic Cola Craftsmanship

C for Cola
Images via Creative Review

Cola and craftsmanship...those are not two words you'd perhaps ordinarily expect strung together, but then again, I have personally always viewed the curves of a traditional glass Coke bottle as a true design classic.

cola design drawing
I recently read about the making of an old-school Coca-Cola sign back in 1954, intended for display in London. The details of the design and construction of their first neon sign for the city's Piccadily Circus are described and recorded in a book which was featured in a recent installation at the Design Museum, celebrating the company's design identity and 125th anniversary.

planning the design
There can be no doubt about the craftsmanship which has gone into the making of it when you see the design drawings.

spraypainting the sign
I also believe that there are some really nice elements of graphic design and typography at play here too.

See the Creative Review article here for the full story.