Tuesday, 30 July 2013

In the Summertime...

...bloggers get lazy! Ah, at least so it would seem for this blogger. My goodness, has it really been over a month since I posted?!

I do have a good "excuse" though... things have been a bit mad outside of the virtual world!

I've moved from the fair city I call home (Edinburgh) to the Scottish Borders for work and since I've been in my new flat, I've been decorating and setting up home, whilst being sans *proper* internet for a good while (iffy 3G signal doesn't quite cut it...). I'm pleased to say I'm now firmly back in the 21st Century - with a lovely light duckegg blue bedroom to boot - hip hip hurray!

I'll confess too that I have been enjoying the sunshine - it's been such amazing weather, and it even stuck around long enough for me to celebrate a big milestone birthday. No complaints here!

I am very fair-skinned so I've been working on my summery freckles. I don't tan, I just burn (or wilt!) in the heat... but I quite like being pale and interesting - I sincerely doubt I would suit a tan anyway!

I'm quite happy with my Celtic colouring. Plus, I do feel there are rather too many girls (and even a few guys) who seem to think that orange is a "natural" look... I'll never understand it.

P.S. Since Google Reader is now as dead as the proverbial dodo:


Christine said...

Happy belated birthday!
Thank you for commenting on my new blog and my birth story today. :)
Christine, pinwheels and stories

Cat McLaughlin said...

Thank you! (& you're welcome!)