Friday, 20 March 2009

I Heart Haberdashery

japanese stork fabric

I've been buying some gorgeous new supplies lately, with the excuse (as if I needed one!) that they will, in turn, inspire me to create new stuff. That, and well, I just love haberdashery. I even like the word - though it's almost dismissive somehow - making me think of frippery a's amazing what you can make with some simple pieces of haberdashery and a dash of imagination.

Particularly irresistible I found, were the wonderful new range of ribbons by V V Rouleaux (such a grand name!) at my local John Lewis - I especially loved these jacquard ones below (which came in several beautiful colourways), and there was some gosgrain ribbon in colourful vintage stripes which caught my eye and conjured up romantic images of Cambridge: blazers and straw boater hats. I had to leave before I bought a bit of everything!


* said...

the stork fabric is amazing! where do you find these beauties?! xx

Cat McLaughlin said...

I love the stork fabric too - it's from a selection of gorgeous Japanese fabrics (for patchworking I think?) from one of the Indian fabric shops in Edinburgh. It's a treasure trove! :)