Monday, 4 March 2013

Curating Loveliness

I've been thinking about ways to present interesting, engaging content lately. Not just for my blog, but in general...including things I might share via various social media platforms and so on.

The conclusion I have reached is to curate carefully - so in other words, looking out for lovely things, that which inspires, informs and pleases; to mindfully choose the best possible sources, references and artefacts.

I think William Morris put it best when he said,

"If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: 
Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful 
or believe to be beautiful."

Source: via Cat on Pinterest

One way I love keeping track of inspiration and ideas, particularly in a visual way, is through Pinterest - if you're not familiar with it, I would describe it as a kind of interactive moodboard where you can keep track of interesting content from the web, with a direct link, or bookmark, back to it.

As someone who is excited about colours and pattern, I find it incredibly stimulating when looking for ideas, and a great way to keep track of the loveliness I come across whilst traversing the web. (You can find my Pinterest boards here) you use Pinterest? Or do you have another favourite way of "curating" content?


Unknown said...

First of all, hello! I sort of forgot about my blog for almost a year--yikes!

I used to use Pinterest--I had 160+ boards and over 20,000 pins--I know, I'm a bit crazy. :p But they started removing some of my art and photography pins for "nudity" that did not meet their definition of nudity (for one thing, non-photographic art is allowed). I did some research and found I was one among many having this problem. I think you'll be just fine over there with crafting boards, but I just feel strongly that they are going a bit bonkers over there so wanted to mention it. I loved it before all that started, tho. I must have spent at least an hour there every day.

Cat McLaughlin said...
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Cat McLaughlin said...

(FYI: that original comment I deleted contains an annoying typo!)

Hi! :) Are you still making your jewellery these days?

That is one of the things about Pinterest; it's utterly addictive!

It does sound a bit bonkers about the removal of your pins though, right enough :/

Personally I find it a bit annoying that they want to categorise every pin or board, as some of my pins/boards are more for visual inspriation than anything else.