Sunday, 4 July 2010

What can I say?

...I was surprised and, I have to say, very flattered to discover on Saturday (totally by accident too!) that I'd received a Beautiful Blogger Award from the lovely Mimi of I'm honoured to accept it, with thanks, even if I do feel a little unworthy!

beautiful blogger award
So... I understand the way it works is I now tell you 10 things you may not know about me and nominate 10 worthy bloggers for the award!

Well, here goes.

1. I used to be a Girl Scout (of the USA variety, though I am not American myself), but in a lone troop overseas in Antwerp, Belgium. I still have all of my old patches that I earned and the handbook :)

2. I am somewhat obsessed with all things much so I once had a party on a little island, complete with pirate fancy dress and plenty of rum!

3. I've been blogging and making websites since I was at school, in other words, I've been writing stuff online for something like 10 years or more (cripes!). My first 'proper' website was a tribute to my favourite band Feeder :)

4. I lived in Germany and Belgium as a child so can speak German, French and Flemish (v similar to Dutch).

5. For a short while, I played bass in a band! I still have my awesome purple metallic (kind of glittery purple) Fender/Squier P Bass, I really love it. I had to order it specially as I'm left-handed, and it was sooo worth it, it's a joy to play.

6. If I had to live anywhere other than Edinburgh (home for a good 15 years now), I think I could quite happily live in Brighton. It's such a cool place.

7. I'm a (punk) rock chick, and I'm not ashamed to admit it! :D

8. I dream of going on a cider holiday to Devon & Cornwall. They have such lovely yummy cider there, but they drink it all themselves, it's *that* good! One day I will do it, for sure.

Feeder Renegades album
9. I believe Feeder decided to release their newest studio album "Renegades" (their seventh!) today because it's my birthday tomorrow - that's my theory and I'm sticking to it, because it makes me do the happy dance. I also think it's pretty cool that they're releasing it via their own label, 'Big Teeth' - yay for DIY!

10. Nothing makes me happier than having colourful hair. Which is why I'll be dyeing it again soon.

...and the nominees are (in no particular order):

Sally of

Kat @ Rock 'n' Roll Bride

Zoë of Conversation Pieces

Laura aka Lupin of

Ez of

Lori of Rarely wears lipstick

The lovely Princesses Michelle & Marie at Kingdom of Style

Kate at

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Fifi Lapin

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