Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Weekend Excitement!

This weekend was exciting on two counts, but essentially for the same reason...

As you can see above, my little corner of this month's Papernstitch exhibition was the featured shop! It also got a nice mention on the Papernstitich blog:

I feel rather thrilled just to be a part of it all, but to have my shop as the featured shop of the day was awesome. All the more so because I just got proper home broadband installed, and I was just having a quick check on my laptop, so it was a nice surprise :)

Thanks to Brittni of Papernstitch.

In other news, I seem to have misplaced my pictures from the most recent fair outing, but I have got something to show you, a pretty new banner:

It's based on my new sign which is stitched on cheerful, colourful and summery bunting!

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