Thursday, 16 July 2009

Lovely Things

Oh's been a while! I've been off having far too much fun - my birthday, plus a music festival (T in the Park, if you must know) = not very much blogging at all! I have some things I'd like to share though, so I thought it was about time.

Later this month, WildCat Designs will be taking part in Handmade Haven, a Glasgow Craft Mafia market at Mono. Come and see some fab crafty creations in a relaxed Sunday afternoon setting from 1-6pm on the 26th of July. For more information, see here.

As a birthday treat, I had a mini spree on etsy - mainly because I spotted the work of Kallliopi on the front page. I had to have this...

...mainly because it's just too cute! Not to mention beautifully handmade and unique. Kalliopi is based in Melbourne, Australia and makes gorgeous little brooches from lots of funky little things but my favourites are definitely those based on plectrums for the guitar.

I also discovered that if you sign into etsy on your birthday - the bar at the top says 'Happy Birthday' to you! It certainly made me smile anyway.

Today I stumbled across two rather lovely websites full of nice things. Things which bring me dangerously close to parting with wads of cash!

First up is ModCloth which has a nice mix of retro and vintage clothing, as well as funky things to spruce up your living space. The Stitchable Stationery kit by Sublime Stitching and the Matryoska Russian Doll drinking game definitely caught my eye.

The other website I happened to trip over is Shana Logic. It has some fabulously kitsch jewellery, cute clothing, quirky art prints and even some squeezably soft plush things. Like this sweet Geisha cushion.


Unknown said...

Oooooooh, that's a lot of cuteness!
How was T in the Park? Did you get to see Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction (oh, dear, I'm giving my age away, I fear...)?
And--finally--happy belated birthday! :)

Cat McLaughlin said...

Hiya! Why thank you :) T was great thanks - so sunny I got burnt!! Yep I did see NIN, who were ace. Managed to miss Jane's Addiction though, which is a pity 'cos there were too many great bands on at the *same* time, argh!

kalliopi said...

Hope you had a lovely birthday!! Sounds like you had fun.

If I new it was your birthday I would have sent a birthday card too!
kalliopi x

Cat McLaughlin said...

Thanks, I did indeed :)