Sunday, 30 May 2010

Knitting in Pub(lic)

Things are finally winding down, so I will be back to crafting, blogging and creating more regularly again. Hurrah!

colourful pile of knitted garter stitch
I am excited about Worldwide Knitting in Public Day, coming up in June. Some knitters will undoubtedly be aware of WWKIP Day! It has been running since 2005, grown in popularity every year and (in my humble opinion) is a wonderful way of celebrating this most tactile craft. Normally taking place on the second Saturday in June, this year, it's any day you choose to observe it between the 12th and 20th of the month - to fit around any other events in your calendar.

To get involved, check out, or look out for events in your local area. The general idea is to knit somewhere out in the open (weather permitting!) or just out and about. I love the idea of a Knitting in Public Picnic :)

Purrrl Knitting Kitty print
Print by Laurie Nadeau

Now to the PUB part! I'll be knitting in the pub tomorrow evening. If you fancy learning to knit in a relaxed environment and are based around the Edinburgh area, come along to the Auld Hoose from 6pm. (I will have yarn and needles for folks to play with!)


Mimi said...

Are you knitting... moustaches?! :D

Cat McLaughlin said...

Haha! I'm afraid not...but it's funny you should say that - you're not the first! :)