Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sharing the Love

Today I'm sharing a little love, as it seems like the right thing to do on Valentine's day. I thought it would be nice to tell you about some of my wonderfully talented and creative friends :)

Andrea is an avid knitter (much like myself!) from Canada who has recently gotten into spinning yarn too.

Above you can see one of her lovely handspun yarns, find it here in her etsy shop, AndiSocial's Twist.

I also love cats...and I really like Julia of Materialised's kitty creations. Meet Kimberly the cat!

From stitched felines to fluffy birds: Mel is the brains - and the needle-felty hands! - behind Feltmeup Designs, aka The Felt Menagerie. Some of you may well be familliar with these cute little birdies.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed those :)


Andi said...

Awesome Cat! Thanks for the mention :)

Helmi said...

Thanks for sharing, I love the cat!