Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Birds go West

Lighthouse exhibition

Yes, that's right...more antics from our feathered friends! Those cheeky arctic terns have flocked over to the Lighthouse in Glasgow's Mitchell Lane.

My arctic tern in Cramond
One arctic tern perched on my windowsill
before he joined the flock!

The Bird Yarns project is nesting at the Lighthouse from now until Sunday 28th October - I even paid them a little visit myself in Glasgow at the weekend! You can currently find them up on the top floor, perching on the viewing platform by the café.

Perching birdies
(Please click on the image to view it better!)

If you're interested in knitting your own Arctic Tern, the Lighthouse gallery shop now sells kits so you can do just that. (Would also make a fab pressie for a crafty friend or family member!)

Arctic Tern kits

Further Information

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Bird Yarns Twitter: @Birdyarns
The Lighthouse:
Cape Farewell:
Deirdre Nelson:

My knitted Arctic Tern bird-in-progress (June 2012)
My knitted Arctic Tern bird-in-progress (June 2012)

(See also my previous post about the Bird Yarns project.)

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