Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Fresh Start

The beginning of a new year is always a time for reflection, as well as a time filled with promise. Perfect for the planning of adventures ahead in the coming months.

dreamy shot

I'm trying not to make too many resolutions this year (less to break!), to keep things a bit more focussed. One I have made, which definitely relates to craft-based activities, amongst other things, is to try and finish more things that I start (or have previously started).

sketchbook scribbles

It's very easy to start a project, when you're filled with enthusiasm, but soon enough (if you're like me) then along comes another thing which diverts your attention from it, and it gets left in a knitting bag or buried under a pile of other things and often ends up somewhat forgotten!

Anyway, I do like the feeling of accomplishment of finishing pieces, especially ones which took a while to complete - for whatever reason (hmmm... lack of enthusiasm about sewing up seams/darning final ends seems a likely culprit, more often than not!) - and being able to allow that piece to fulfill its intended purpose. So here's to completing more this year!

soft woolly yarn from my stash

On a side note, you might remember that back in June last year, I mentioned the photo a day project - I took part in almost every other month last year and enjoyed the daily challenge. So I am at it again this January (see some of my previous photo a day pics sprinkled around this post)! If you feel like having a go too, check out this blog post about how to get involved.

Also, stay tuned for a little DIY tutorial and a giveaway later this month!

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