Monday, 11 February 2013


loveheart ribbon

"Sealed with a loving kiss" - the S.W.A.L.K. acronym apparently originated during WWII when soldiers wrote letters to their sweethearts back home. Just a nice thought to get you in the mood for a little Valentine's day romance!

Packages of love

On that note, I have a few little wrapping ideas for romantic gifts for you to try.

heart patterned washi tape

Materials to look out for:

- plain or patterned tissue paper
(try stationery/art shops, department stores or the supermarket)
- deco tape
- plain, striped or printed ribbons
(I got these from local fabric shops/haberdashery or a cake decorating shop)
- lace trims
- washi tape with hearts and other motifs
(I got mine from Paperchase - just noticed they currently have a 3 for 2 offer on washi tape!!)

pretty romantic ribbons

I also re-used little scraps of fabric, tissue, ribbon and strips of white tulle fabric I had around the house. Nothing wrong with a bit of eco-friendliness on Valentine's.

Sealed with love


• Try layering different colours of tissue paper to get a pretty effect - I layered pink under red with a little flash of the pink left visible, or pink tissue underneath a white patterned tissue (mainly so that it's not completely see-through as white sometimes can be).

layered tissue wrapped with white tulle

using patterned washi tape

• Instead of boring old plain clear sellotape, why not try using cute patterned washi tape or another type of decorated sticky tape! You can even use washi tape on plain tissue paper to create really cool decorative effects.

• Create your own "ribbons" by tearing or cutting up strips of fabric - I found white tulle worked really well for this.

heart patterned materials

• Gifts can be tied/wrapped with all manner of ribbons, raffia, trims or twine and you could even try using two or more strands to get different effects.


• You can write little messages of love or draw romantic doodles onto red tissue paper with a white coloured pencil.

• Lace trims look lovely over coloured tissue paper - a nice way to show off their pattern.

• Even simple ideas can work well: try decorative washi tape on plain brown wrapping/parcel paper (kraft) or use rubber stamps to print on it & make your own wrapping paper!

finished wrapping

Looking for more DIY Valentine ideas? Inspiration ahoy:

- Check out these cute printable cards/notes from Mochimochi Land

- A set of modern & colourful printable Valentine's day cards on the Papernstitch blog

- Or, for the Star Wars fan in your life, how about a Vader-y Valentine?
(Found via "Death Star PR"!)

Also check out my previous Valentine's blog post for even more ideas!


Louise said...

Wow, what a lot of hearts! Nice stuff x

Cat McLaughlin said...

Thanks Louise!