Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Day Two: It’s All About You - KCBWDAY2

Well, today I'm writing about myself - which for some reason always feels a bit strange. I can't tell you how long it took me to compose and publish the "Bio" page on my blog, for example!


When I'm not crafting, I can often be found doing other creative things. I have been working as a Web and Graphic Designer for a few years now - you can even take a look at my online portfolio at www.catcodes.co.uk if you like. I also love drawing and painting in one of my sketchbooks or writing letters when I have time - yep, good old snail mail. I suppose you could say I like being creative in the kitchen too, as I do like to cook and bake if I have the energy and ingredients handy!


Some of my readers may already be familiar with WildCat Designs, the knitwear accessories label I started after finishing my degree in Textile Design - I run an Etsy shop under that name and a "sister" label, WildKittens, too.

My new camera :)

When I'm out and about (I like to walk or cycle around Edinburgh, the city I live in - it's good excercise, especially as it's not at all flat!), I enjoy taking my camera or my cameraphone and recording things which catch my eye. I confess to being somewhat addicted to Instagram!

Avec le flash!

I'm a big fan of traditional old-school "analogue" film-based photography too, and have been known to mess about in darkrooms, not to mention experiment with my vintage Cosina or Diana F+ toy camera (hello, double exposures!).

Hong Meow

When I was younger I spent some time living in Europe so I got to see lots of wonderful places as a child, something which has fuelled my love of travel and learning about different cultures. I even learned to speak fluent German, pretty good French and even a wee bit of Flemish!

To see more posts on today's theme, just search for #6KCBWDAY2 on twitter or google 6KCBWDAY2.


Amy Putkonen said...

Hi Cat,

I found your blog through the Knitting & Crocheting Blog Week challenge. I think yours was the first one I found, but I looked at the Twitter feed and there were a bunch more! Cool. It's more fun when there are lots doing it, isn't it?

I am a fairly new knitter, but I am writing about some of this over on my blog too. Nice to meet you!

Cat McLaughlin said...

Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! It's definitely fun to be part of a big event like Knitting & Crochet Blog Week, and a great way to find new blogs to add to your reading list :)

Hope you enjoy the experience, happy knitting and maybe you'll join in with K&CBW next year too!