Sunday, 10 May 2009

Blue Love

Before you ask, the title is *not* a reference to the band! I mean blue the colour. I really do love it. Turquoise, royal, indigo, duckegg, sky... all wonderful in their own right.

I have a gorgeous silk dress in midnight blue which has lighter blue flowers printed on it - and since decided I would wear it to my sister's wedding, I needed to accessorise! Not having a suitable necklace, but possessing crafty skills I made my own.

Using two strands of blue tigertail wire and beautiful Swarovski crystal in varying sizes, I think I managed to coordinate the different hues in my dress nicely.

Here are some other lovely things in blue...

"The Key to my Heart" Cameo necklace by LunarraStar - whom I just realised is also based in Edinburgh, as it happens!

Scottish Sea Glass Print by Artisanne. I love the range of colours :)

"Porcelain Pendant with Glass - Rainwater Craters" - A stunning pendant by the highly talented Lisa of Seaurchin, I'm sure you'll agree!

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