Friday, 30 April 2010

Location, Location, Location

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Day 5: Where do you like to indulge in your craft? Is your favourite arm chair your little knitting cubby area, or do you prefer to ‘knit in public’? Do you like to crochet in the great outdoors, perhaps, or knit in the bath, or at the pub?

I'm a complete fidget. I cannot sit still for any great length of time. So on many occasions, where I go, my knitting goes too. It keeps my hands and more often than not, my mind, occupied. I am really quite addicted to knitting, but that's just fine by me! At least it's a productive obsession. :)

One of the best things about knitting is that it can liven up an otherwise dull journey. Travelling the daily bus journey that I have done so often I hardly even have to look up to know where I am (useful when I am in the middle of a row, definitely.), it's nice to have something interesting to look at and alleviate any impending boredom. I also love to knit on train journeys, especially ones that are a bit longer, as it's dedicated time where I can settle in and indulge in my favourite craft without (too many) interruptions. My recent jaunt up to Aviemore was just great for exactly that reason, well, that, and the fact I got to ski, on real snow, in Scotland, for the first time in years.

the Cairngorms
My favourite place to knit is at home, curled up on the sofa in the living room where I can catch the last rays of afternoon sunlight at this time of year. It can be cosy on winter evenings there in front of the television too, if my pattern doesn't require too much concentration. I often find knitting a great way of soothing my mind, especially when I have a lot going on. I like to knit in bed, as it has helped me to get to sleep in the past. In truth there are few places I won't knit, and that includes sitting in front of the computer reading blogs.

I am also not a stranger to knitting in public, and have been known to do so on a park bench on my lunch hour in Princes Street Gardens on Knitting in Public Day. One particular time I was working with a vibrant fuschia yarn and even managed to attract a very young admirer and passing butterfly!

hot pink fuschia-ness
I also like to get together with a few like-minded crafty types most Monday nights from 6pm for a knit/craft/scribble, a natter and the odd cheeky pint at the Auld Hoose. If you live around Edinburgh and are that way inclined, it's on St. Leonard's Street (behind South Clerk St in the South Side) and you are more than welcome to come and say hello. Just look for the 'chicks with sticks' huddled in a corner, nursing a pint or two...

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Becky said...

That's a lovely pink. Knitting is just fun so many places.