Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fabric Crush

I was idly reading the Conversation Pieces blog today (including a fab post about a Las Vegas wedding idea!) and was intrigued by the mention of Ikea fabrics...

moutain print fabric
Which inevitably, led me to looking at the fabrics available on the Ikea website!

Sure enough, there was loveliness to be found:

naive tree print

blue leaf print

ivy leaf print
(All fabrics can be found on the Ikea online catalogue under Textiles: Fabrics & Sewing)


Stitchminx said...

... and wouldn't these make great skirts!! I like using some of the Ikea fabrics for Aprons, Quilts, Skirts and Tabletoppers :O)

Cat McLaughlin said...

Definitely. I've never used any of their fabrics before but I can see a visit on the horizon! ;)

Stitchminx said...

Good, good! Vision and inspiration is working their magic on you...