Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Art of Knitting

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Day Three: Write about a knitter whose work you enjoy.

A confession here: I simply cannot restrict myself to just one... there are too many talented knitters out there! So, here are a few whose style and work I particularly admire.

shibori knitted felt
Alison Crowther-Smith
I met Alison in my capacity as a Rowan Design Consultant a few years ago and was very excited (as were many of the other DCs) when I heard she had a book on felted knits coming out. Needless to say I put in an order for one! Felting is so much fun and she definitely knows a thing or two about it, harnessing the Shibori technique of resists to design beautiful fabrics which are both felted and not.

earth stripe wrap
Kaffe Fassett
I admire this designer for his unique eye for colour, not just in delicious knitwear designs but homewares and patchworking fabrics and blankets. A real inspiration to anyone who loves colourwork.

glamour knits by Erika Knight
Erika Knight
I truly covet so many of the patterns I have come across by Erika Knight, in particular the timeless, classic designs she produces which ultimately make you want to start a lovely new project straight away (or they do in my case!).


AC said...

That scarf looks so lovely...
Great post.

rachel said...

Kaffe Fassett's work is gorgeous. Good pick!

Cat McLaughlin said...

I do love the Kaffe Fassett Earth Stripe scarf/shawl - it's such a lovely soft muted way of blending the beautiful Kidsilk Haze colours.