Sunday, 29 August 2010

Paper Dreams

Now, just so you know, I don't consider myself particularly a fan of Paloma Faith...but I stumbled across this, entitled "In all the World I Dream in Paper" and it intrigued me, what can I say. I very much like the idea of paper as a medium for sculpture, dreams and inspriation. Enjoy!

Art Direction by Petra Storrs.


Angie Chan said...

Paper dress = paper cuts?

That's stop animation isn't it?. Have you seen this: Looks like it could be a good book too. Wonder how relevant it is to the UK market though.

Cat McLaughlin said...

Yeah, ouch! I reckon it'd totally crumple when you sat down too...and not much good when it rains either - dissolving dress, eek!

I think it probably is stop animation from what I can tell, though I don't profess to be an expert ;)

That vid is quite fun, and like you say, looks like a good read, even if it is aimed at the US market.