Wednesday, 25 April 2012

3KCBWDAY3 - My crafty heroes

Day Three: Your Knitting or Crochet Hero

In the first year of Knitting & Crochet Blog Week, I talked about knitters whose work I enjoy. Of course, this is a somewhat similar idea but today I'm going to talk about people whose work I am inspired by and admire. It's far too difficult to whittle it down to just the one, so I've chosen my top 5 (in no particular order)!

· Kate Davies

I really love the beautiful designs of Kate Davies and one day hope to make her "owls." If you're a fibre enthusiast, I highly recommend her blog, needled.

· Anna Hrachovec

You may well have heard of knitter extraordinaire, Anna Hrachovec, of Mochimochi Land. I'm a huge fan of her creative and whimsical world of knitted critters and characters, not to mention her wicked sense of humor! Below you can see a tiny pigeon I knitted from one of her patterns :)

· Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I've long been a fan of the witty fibre-infused banter which can be found on Stephanie's Yarn Harlot blog (and books, for that matter.) - read and enjoy - 'nuff said.

· Carol Meldrum

I was lucky enough to work with the lovely Carol during my time at Rowan. As well as being a published author and workshop tutor, you can find her Beatknit designs here. I also think her book of Knitted Icons is a lot of fun.

Crafting 365 Day 213

· Stephanie Dosen

I have adored the creations of Tiny Owl Knits for a while now. You may be familliar with the incredibly popular Beekeeper's Quilt Stephanie designed and created - I do love seeing all the different colours of "hexapuffs" people have been knitting.

I look forward to reading about everyone else's crafty heroes!


Pumpkin said...

Forgive me because I've just started following your blog, but YOU WORKED FOR ROWAN?! What I would give to sit down with you and hear some of your stories! On a side note, Owls by Kate Davies is an amazing pattern, I would certainly recommend it.

Hi, I'm Vicki said...

Owls is one of my favourite sweater patterns and don't even get me started on tiny owl knits - i'm knitting a poncho right now. have a knitty wednesday xx

Alexandra said...

I agree - how exciting that you worked for Rowan!

Love your choices, the Yarn Harlot and Tiny Owl Knits are so inspiring!

Cat McLaughlin said...

Haha! Yes, you read right, I did indeed work for Rowan (and I have the stash to prove it...).

behind the ivy said...

Great heroes! I totally agree with you about Owls, it's been on my radar ever since Kate blogged about it. Such a beautiful jumper. And I do love the whimsy of Tiny Owls Knits :)

polkaknits said...

Working in Rowan- WOW!
I find TOK also very inspiring!

Cie Turvey said...

Oh my gosh! Anna Hrachovec's work is wonderful, I've never come across her before! I think these must be my favourite - how cute!! I think I need them in my life! x

Stefanie said...

Very cool that you worked for a yarn company. What did you do there? You picked some interesting heroines.

Cat McLaughlin said...

@ Kepanie - Thanks, I'm glad you liked my knitting heroines. I enjoyed working for Rowan yarns as a store-based Design Consultant a few years back :)