Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Humbling news

I heard an amazing story today...

My name is Owen and on August 1st 2007 I purchased a red and black skinny lambswool scarf from you. I absolutely loved that scarf. I let a friend borrow it for a month or so but finally asked for it back. Now I dont really believe in fate or anything but the next day I was standing at a train station, waiting to go home right after a long day at work since I worked overtime.

Anyways, a fight broke out because one man owed the other man some money. The man who owed the other man some money was stabbed, almost all the way into his lungs - the man armed with the knife fled the scene. I grabbed the injured man and sat him down against a nearby wall, his cousin who was closeby was screaming in terror and I gave him my cellphone to call 911. I used the scarf that you sold me to wrap up the injured man's wound. Blood was everywhere and I could hear air coming from the wound. I applied pressure to the wound and kept him calm until an emergency crew arrived and took him away. His cousin and I had to be taken to the police station to give statements.

The next day I visited that man in the hospital as his cousin had given me his name and room number. He told me that if I had not wrapped his wound with the scarf and applied pressure that he would have died. He wept and thanked me and we briefly spoke, I held back tears until I left the room.

So like I said, I dont believe in fate. Yet you sold me the scarf, I got it back from my friend the day before, I worked overtime and somehow just managed to be there for him when it counted. So I guess I just wanted to say thanks. Make a scarf or two more and maybe you can save some more lives.


This story just blew me away - I never thought something I had made would, or could, save somebody's life one day.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great story! And the blog looks great, too!

Cara said...

OMG - what an amazing story. It really is very very humbling.